Children's Sunday School

Our goal is to make our children's programs most effective for the kids; making sure that their spiritual needs are being met in a safe , inviting environment, and then challenging them also to grow spiritually.

Our purpose in organizing a Jr. Church Program is to prepare children to be ready to participate in the morning worship service with their parents. The children learn Bible stories, memorize verses, worship through singing, pray with each other, and even participate in activities and crafts to reinforce Biblical truths and lessons.

We believe that by the third grade, most children are able to sit, listen, and participate in a worship service. We realize that this is often difficult, but it is not impossible.

Currently, we are offering Jr. Church programs for the following age groups:
  • 2's and 3's who meet for the entire worship service
  • 4's and Kindergarten who meet for the entire worship service
  • 1st to 5th graders who will be dismissed midway through the worship service